Into The HEYZ Pt.1


“Into The HEYZ '' is the culmination of a year-long effort to write and create a new and exciting story behind HEYZ’s music and brand. This two part EP series introduces the concept of “The HEYZ” which is a world that lies beyond a living, mysterious portal made of haze and smoke. The world within is a disorienting, whimsical realm filled with oddities from sandwich mountains to flying whales and mushroom forests. Matching the energy felt in HEYZ’s music, this world is filled with color, beauty, darkness, happiness, and an overall euphoria-inducing atmosphere.

Release will be supported with a full length "Into The Heyz" live and animated video and Heyz "Into the Heyz" debut Denver headline show and release party.

"The “Into The HEYZ” series is my greatest artistic expression to date and the launch of the HEYZ brand I’ve envisioned for years. I’m super proud of the music I’ve put together for both parts and really think it tells a cohesive audible journey matching the world beyond “The HEYZ”. This series kicks off a story that will go well beyond these songs and I’m so excited to take everyone along for the ride.

"When you are at a show and everyone is completely lost in the music, atmosphere, and what is happening around them, that is how the world within “The HEYZ” feels. You look around and people have shed the outside world and are now in a new whimsical realm where curiously strange things are happening, and everyone has nothing but happiness on their faces. The lights and sound have overtaken everything and you feel like you are in another world where time stands still for a while. You are blissful, you are happy, anything could happen." - Heyz

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