Powerful Dream ft. LeRome Swiss


Jayceeoh returns to Deadbeats with the first in a new series of singles and delivers one of the catchiest and soulful dubstep tunes of the year with "Powerful Dream". Featuring a joyful vocal performance from Lerome Swiss, and paired with Jayceeoh's playful melodic productions and soaring basslines...if a daytime bbq in a park with a bunch of friends was a dubstep song, it would be "Powerful Dream".

“Powerful Dream is super feel good summertime record. Reggae infused dubstep has always had a sweet spot in my heart and blending genres together is something I always strive to do. Big powerful vocals, horns, guitars and a heavy melodic buzzy bassline drive this track. This song is all about positivity and living your life to the fullest. After this past year I think we can all use that. “ - Jayceeoh

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